FLORIS VAN HOOF: "A Fudge Too Much" c42 (Breaking World Records)

I'd like to preface this by first saying that I have liked every single tape, record, CD-R, etc. that George Myers has ever released. In the world of independent record labels, Breaking World is king in quality, packaging, nearly every facet is well-considered. Given, he recently broke a catalog number of 100, so he's had some time to perfect his process.
This tape came shortly after a recent tour with his band, Grey Skull, to Europe, and as far as I know, he is the first to officially bring Van Hoof to the US, and I am more than ecstatic that he has done so. There's no such thing as "perfect" in any medium, but as far as noise tapes are concerned, this at least makes for a really great archetype.
Side A starts with the song "Boing", primarily electronic beats doing as they're titled, pleasantly bouncing around amidst rhythmic bursts of static. This slowly works its way into "Fudge", a deep, layered, organic drone sparsely peppered with a lo-fi exterior of the sound of tapes being ejected and flipped, and I also think I heard a phone ringing. Side B continues this darker vibe with "Thunderfunder", a one-man semblance to the "thunder drum" featured in Sun Ra's "Strange Strings", eventually dissolving into 8-bit mayhem alarms that slide their way into the final track "Sandworm", stylistically bringing the whole thing full circle. Typically, I hate really long tapes, but this c42 covers a lot of ground without ever becoming drawn out. This is the first thing I would give to someone who wanted to learn more about tape trading, or even the potential of electronic music beyond the "Pitchfork Favorites" regulars. This is only Van Hoof's fourth formally released recording, so I think we have a lot to look forward to from this fella.