Call For New Writers

Currently looking for more writers for this site. If all of the following statements apply to you please email us at

1. I own a working tape player

2. I am comfortable forming (semi)complete sentences and I know how to edit my own work and check for errors.

3. I can follow through on promises I make. If I request 10 tapes from the Cassette Gods stash, I will review them all (knowing that there is no deadline). Same goes for if I request 30 tapes.

4. I don't know if there is a 4....

We accept all writers much in the same way that we accept all tapes for review. You do not need to have experience or to be cool to get the job. Just know that if we send you tapes and hear nothing back from you, you will definitely not receive anything ever again. Cassette Gods is built on mutual respect and dedication for underground music. Often times this blog is the first and only shot at any amount of exposure for these artists and we want everyone to get a fair shot at gracing these pages, so please only request tapes if you plan on reviewing them.