"In Eco" C27
(Constellation Tatsu)

Melbourne’s “Soda Lite” is unapologetically, almost aggressively New Age. We’re talking air-brushed dolphins & kangaroos doing yoga on surfboards while breathing circularly into conch shells to awaken their inner chee-tohs type New Age, here, folx; Both relaxing AND goddamn exciting! WTF FTW!

Every. Single. Trapping…is smoothly arranged in rich, gooey layers for maximum, neon enlightenment. Water & animal field recordings? Fuck yeah! Swelling guitar drones in a sea of reverb? In spades! Pan flutes, xylophones & just about every blissfully cheesy synth patch you’ve ever wanted to hear paired up with every other blissfully cheesy synth patch? Count slowly backwards from YESSS! Phasing arpeggiations & delayed delay pedals? For days!

Soda Life ain’t fuckin’ around! You’re gonna relax! & you’re gonna burn some carbs doing it! This is Hell-Yah-Sos* sweet & psychedelically savory & swellllllllll. Extreme vegging! Great with and without headphones with and without interpretative dance. Across the board, this is a truly solid release & I can’t wait to hear the next album already!

*as in Iasos-worship, much like Elixer, but with shorter loops.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan