RENDEZVOUS "Suoni Della Paura II"

I made the mistake of putting the tape in with zero background information as to what it was. It kicks in with an old-school movie preview for a boogie an of sorts. OK, they win the first round, now I'm going to find out what I'm dealing with here but as I do, the tape rolls....

Turns out this is a DJ collective that meets every Friday in the city of angels. That's enough info 'cause this mix has got me good. Sadly, there is no track notation or artist info because every inch of this is premier stuff. Lots of 50's-60's style sci-fi and thriller connections with everything familiar yet new at the same time.

As much as I enjoy a good mix I seldom venture out to see the art in process live. This, I would leave home for and next time through LA I'll make a point to stop at the Hyperion Tavern (every other Friday)

It's that good.

-- Bob Zilli