LOTO RETINA “Fiction” (Orange Milk)

The new Loto Retina tape from Orange Milk Records’ most recent batch is a sparse blend of digital textures and midi instruments. The album is fairly ambient and changes through moments of glitchy transition. For most of the tracks a single timbre is highlighted at a time rather than there be much layering of the diverse amount of sounds throughout this album. It feels like a majority of the album is immersed in thick swaying digital tones, leaving you unsure of what may come next, or unsure if you may have missed small details while proceeding through “Fiction”. The album breaks into moments of charming computer instrument arpeggios, cognizant of similar electronic records that have been released within the past couple years. “Fiction” is certainly an entertaining listen while remaining mostly minimal throughout, and sounds like Loto Retina’s twist on contemporary ambient electronica.


-- Lucas Martinez