JESSOP&CO. “Manly Man” C40
(Tingo Tongo Tapes)

JESSOP&CO.? Ffffuu.. Calcutta? Probably every cutthroat from Bombay to here is here. No jokes, now. Manly Man stretches forever. Stretches beyond the city, into rurality, on to other cities. Decay, decomposition, deconstruction. Colonization? Heck. Colonials are gone. JESSOP&CO..? I dunno. (*Thinks*) I dunno. Colonials. Colonials. Ffffuu.. Live and let live. How do I reconcile that with my love for the British? Heck.

Manly Man stretches forever and envelops the city, and god is my witness, it captures everything. Listen to the nocturnal rhythms and splice together nocturnal rendezvous and Fully comprehend just what is happening. JESSOP&CO. ensure that no one is left behind. Manly Man is not a tape for music listeners or cultural tourists or the casual dabblers; it means too much. It’s too clearly labored over for the caste whisperers to get their hands on and interpret in dangerous and debilitating ways. Wait a second – am I part of the problem? Is my proximity to collusion a detriment?

No. No way. I’m not even remotely letting that thought enter my filament, as it would unravel my very being if I’d prove it wrong, so here’s the lesson everybody (but mostly myself) needs to learn: lighten up. Lighten up! That doesn’t mean the important stuff gets swept into a corner, it just means that JESSOP&CO. are a total force to be reckoned with, and it’s important to understand that every single fragment of their spectrum is presented on Manly Man, not in isolation, but distinct and palpable as a genetic whole, fully concocted for weird consumption. These forty minutes are forty magic flipping minutes where every stop is pulled in favor of a vast kitchen sink approach – every trick in the electro-plunder handbook works like a brilliant charm. Samples. Electronics. Samples. Electrics. Spam pulls. Eccentrics. Lay bulls. Palimpseptics. Transition gulls. Crass tactics.

JESSOP&CO., company in name only, incorporated in a dream state, fire beams of specifics, cultured in dynamics, straight into our thoughts for future decoding, also in a dream state, where everything unspools. The fragments become the reality, the waking moments bleed into the unconscious ones. This land is less my land, this land is no one’s. This land is made for blazing trails of discovery through. That’s what makes a Manly Man, whatever that even means.


--Ryan Masteller