“F” C30
(Specious Arts)

On “F”, Barcelona’s mesmerizing ambient trio, “Aalbers”, doesn’t create a mellow “groove" so much as a playful ambiance, any sudden movement the listener might make in reaction to their sounds likely taking the form of a jerking torso away from Sandman’s embrace. The names of the game here are Subtlety, Nuance, Space, & Chill. Through heavily processed electric guitar, modular synth, & a detail-keen computer program, Aalbers paints a spacious (mural-sized) portrait of serene, minimalist textures and shimmering radiations that flow calming and concentric towards the listener’s antennae. Sounds like a shade-parked hammock swaying just perceptibly by intermittent gentle breeze & nearby butterfly flirtations. Consonant. Blissful. Beautiful.


— Jacob An Kittenplan