(Vanity Project Records)

What I know about this tape is precious little more than I gathered from listening..and reading a brief synopsis on the j-card. Long story short, apparently an art collective of sorts was the gathering spot for the twenty-plus offerings on this nice bright red tape. Now, that might normally scare some of you away (and maybe me) but read on. This is a good one.

My experience with compilations is the obvious. The strength of the individual components makes or breaks it. Multiple that by ten with “artsy” stuff and you have the delicate fault line this tape has to balance on. But I said hang on and I meant it. These pieces (cuts? tracks?)  are to a one quite interesting and well done. The production, which for the most part is excellent, lags a tad here and there but for the most part that is hardly noticable given the nature of this “The Residents would be proud” collection.

It’s hard to pick favorites-it’s really all that good but the first side has it over sde two by a nudge with Misha Poleshchuk, Rhea Tepp and Haunted Tiger maybe being the best of that lot.

There is no contact information on the packaging and I was unable, sadly, to find any in any of the usual (or unusual) haunts. Missed connections indeed! Let this be a lesson to you. If you send tapes for review, send contact and ordering information. There, I said it. It’s a good tape. If you stumble on it, by all means buy it. You won’t be the same ever again.

-- Robert Richmond