“Entrance to the Next” C44
(Inner Islands)

Historically, Sean Conrad (Inner Islands’ fountainhead)’s Channelers project has been the more ambient/free-form spring of his to flow forth gorgeous ambient/dronal beatitudes…but with his earlier (ASHAN/ Far Drift Afield) release picking up that loosey-goosey, serendipitous sway-baton, I wondered where Channelers would go...

Turns out... further Glacial, into the flawlessly-polished, silvery-mirrored cave-of-consciousness. Slow-motion tip-toe. Vibrator-enhanced cafunés, under lavender breeze. “Entrance to the Next” is the incremental soundtrack to parading towards all meditations of yesterdays’ afterlifes’ very sum. Think “peace”, but, like, the sound of it, of bitterness’s very absentia. SC is on the next level, and his myriad projects dig deeper and deeper into Valhalla’s ceiling. Turn on. Tune in. Drop…


— Jacob An Kittenplanj