P.E.E. “i win me over” (Deathbomb Arc)

Oh! Pop punk? No … no thank you. I don’t really like pop punk … like, at all. I’m just not a fan. There’s no real reason – I’m too old maybe? No, that can’t be it. Brian at Deathbomb and me are pretty much the same age, so that wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I missed out on the original wave maybe. Eff it, who cares.

I guess P.E.E. isn’t strictly pop punk – there’s strains of Superchunk and Get-Up Kids and Rainer Maria and others of the indie-emo set that I hovered at the periphery of once upon a time. (And I’m still a Superchunk fan – they’re so easy to love!) And these songs are super short and totally lo-fi, which is the best way to listen to a band like this. The lyrics veer into Cap’n Jazz territory at times, and that’s always fun. These tunes exist pretty much as demos for the album these were re-recorded for.

The more I listen to “i win me over,” the more i myself am won over. Maybe there’s a pop punker in me after all still/initially.

No, probably not, though. Still, this one’s fun.