“Bidet Dreaming” C39
(Crash Symbols)

Go on. You deserve it. Re-read and re-chuckle at that album title. Try not to be jealous of how perfect a portmanteau it is, how many levels it applies to, concerning art-rock. Try not to feel bad. This duo builds it’s own electronics, for fuck’s sake; they’re smarter than you, more ambitious than you, and, doggone it, though possibly not angrier than you, they’ve sure as shit got more energy to blow off any pent up steamage than you!

Someone at some dance party or other probably publicly surveyed, “Hey y’all… Melt Banana’s “Cell Scrape” or Guerilla Toss’s “Eraser Stargazer"?” & PDX’s Noa Ver and Zach D'Agostino probably bit their tongues and swallowed their vitriol and they went home and they built an Arduino or four and took over the goddamn synth/punk/noise world with their wayward, robotic empire...

But hey, I’m just bullshitting here. I honestly have no clue about to what extent and how these folx engineered their own synths/drum machines/vocoders/amps/microphones/______s. Is there a flailing robot playing an actual drumkit (not impossible!), or is the drumkit just host to multiple trigger pads (more likely)? All I know is, through some undisclosed homemade devices, this DIYorDIE duo has pre-programmed a herd-able electronic bedlam that’s both danceable and outright circle-pit/moshable to. Their live performances have to be INSANE, and I wouldn’t miss one for the world. Listen to with the nob turned up to ELEVENS!


— Jacob An Kittenplan