GREY SKULL "Soft Spots" (Breaking World/Bonescraper)

West Mass power trio return from a nebulous hiatus to bludgeon out a punishing pair of half-hour tapes of classic free drum/noise in the hallowed Grey Skull mode. The double cassette is a good format for expansive abusers like GS because it allows enough running time for the beatings to subside for short spells and then resurrect in fresh waves of amplifier violence, which keeps yr ears limber and alert (and waiting for the next blow to fall). I keep hearing rumors of a half-decade-in-the-making LP on Ultra Eczema, and this shit could only sound better if it was blasted on black wax, so I hope the grapevine is tellin' the truth, cause that's worth holding out for. In the meantime however "Soft Spots" is a solid hour of unique psychedelic assaults (some studio, some live) that's perfect for erasing the world and blacking out all thoughts. Fills a similar hole in yr head to shit like Hair Police and certain Load Records outings, high energy misery to combat life's bleaker evenings. With great double-cover art by G Skullers George Myers and Jeff Hartford.