PANOPTICON EYELIDS "Glitter Vomit" (Abandon Ship)

I confess: I was a bit worried when I saw that the B side of this CS was titled "Goodbye Booze/Hello'weed Night," because joke/jokey music is a really jagged pill for me to swallow happily most of the time (there's exceptions, but they're rare). Fortunately, my hesitation was totally unwarranted: this tape/band rules. Panopticon Eyelids are a Montreal posse of weirdos who play really deranged psychedelic rock in a totally unique and unhinged way. The guitar/bass/drums does the classic long-form jam-based freak-out thing, sticking together in a united blobby bobbing mess of motion that seems secretly way more focused and precise than the vibe it gives off. But then they've got someone puking all this stretchy-sounding taffy electronics over the top that sounds kinda hilarious and loony in a cartoon acid trip sorta way. It's hard to describe but it really works for me. It also doesn't hurt things that the A side track is called "Electron Headbanging," because 1) that's awesome, and 2) it's accurate. The "Booze/Weed" B side is basically more of the same, but it's great too, muddy goon squad rock pogo-marching into fields of aluminum foil and poppies. The opening line of their self-penned Myspace bio sums up the dumb/rad path they tread: "Panopticon Eyelids was born in 2002 just before the city of Montreal was taken over by the Ethiopium Biker Rock gang." Sign my ass up for more, please.