JUSTIN RHODY & MATT HIMES "s/t" (Green Tape) c15

Yowza, two sides of air raid madness. Sounds like Justin and Matt got hold of some bullhorns and got into it with the national guard. Borderline feedback of sometimes barely recognizable vocals that sound like they're being used more like weapons to contain a civilian riot.

Not totally clear what's happening, if it's two people, a group or just the voice being pushed to the very edge of white noise. Maybe it's an exorcism since you can hear occasional talking and it definitely feels like something is being purged. I think this would sound brutal and awesome performed super loud, especially if there were projectile vomit and lots of heads spinning around.

Super simple cover art of a swollen lip being pulled down to reveal a gold tooth on what looks like a normal looking mom. who knows?!

Still available from the very nice dudes over at the label:
Green Tape