SMUT/RIGHT NOW BAND split CS (Friends & Relatives Records)

Bloomington represent, this is a real jolly outing, to be sure! It’s always nice to see bros bro down, and this short tape of live actions from bands comprised of members from freak-improv groups like (D)(B)(H) is as fucked as it is fun.

Right Now Band plays as a trio (apparently) with a guest guitarist, but the way it’s recorded, there’s really no way of knowing just how many guitars you’re getting anyways, so it’s not worth fretting over. There are some major Beefheart stylistics taking place here, psychdelic poetry lyrics, strangled unaffected guitars, and clanking, rhythmic, “blues” drums keeping it all together. Somehow, it all seems to blend together into one mish-mash by the time the side is over, you can barely tell which instrument is which, real cool de-scendo. Into it.

Watch this video for some kind of perspective:

“Play that trash, and you play that trash; I’m not joining the band.”

On that same note, Smut is the trash-rock duo (soundwise, not actual trash, re: da video) of childhood friends Justin Rhody and Keith Wright, almost literally executing ten songs (one being a cover, I think?), and probably their instruments alongside that. Super blown-out distortion and audience heckling, raw dogs hot-doggin’ it. Not much else to say on that end, loud reigns proud.

Limited edition of 50, nice Predator picture on cover.