PARADE: “s/t” c29 (Leftist Nautical Antiques)

Incredibly frustrating nomenclature aside (nearly impossible for me to figure out how to type even, reminds me of (hed)p.e., which sucks), this is a pretty cool tape. Apparently, it’s the pronunciation key for the word “parade”, so I’ll leave it at that. This Spokane, Washington trio definitely has the “we were really into Incubus in high school, but now we’re into Vampire Weekend” vibe, but hey, most of us were there at some point in our lives, right? Despite blasé titles (e.g. “Neural Circus”, “Drug Fun(d)”, ugh...), the somewhat angular, pause-heavy guitar-playing and strained bassy vocals remind me pretty heavily of the post-hardcore sound of acts like Braid and Owls, but with enough of the newer experimental troppo sound to fit in amongst the ranks of a Meneguar or Real Estate. If the functioning on weed and “have you heard about noise tapes?” aesthetic is up your alley, then you can download a free track from the label website and make your mind up from there. Seems like something with “big time” potential to me, so it may not be for everybody.

Comes in an edition of 100 with real classy looking color j-card.