DOVE "2004 LP " c35 (Financial Ruin)

If you are a Florida native, or in tune with their local d.i.y. punk scene in the last 5-10 years,you more than likely worship Floor,who also share members with Dove and a few other more recent projects like I Love You.This monster of a 3 piece hail from a little place called Winter Haven,Fl.They've been areound for quit a while, but their output is rather small and selective,with only a handful of singles,and LP's under their belt.But,when Dove actually gets a release out there,they always deliver in a BIG way. This tape is a reissue of their 2004 self-titled LP,and also includes two bonus tracks, one being their side of the Floor/Dove split 7".

This album is quite a vicious beast.Long time fans know what they are in for,but new ears are going to be pummeled.Dove don't seem to stray too far off from their counterpart -Floor,delivering heavy-as-bricks rhythms, pounding drum assault,and syrupy vocal hymns to top it all off.The walls of sludgy guitars and low end bass dirge are definitely reminiscent to bands like Sleep, High on Fire, Cavity, and Torche.At times you would think that you are listening to a five piece band,with at least 3 axes locking up on these thick and brutal riffs, when it's actually just one bass,guitar and drum kit doing the work.The songs are well crafted,and these guys don't seem to rely on just being as heavy as possible, to mask an album's worth of mediocrity.An all too common trait in this genre.Dove does just the opposite in fact.The songs are catchy,moody,and worth a ton of repeat listening.A great batch of tunes from a band that absolutely deserves more attention.Comes in a cardboard box,with Electric Warrior knockoff artwork,full color j-card with lyrics,and a sticker or two.Amazing.

Get the tape,or lp from Financial Ruin - Dan is a good dude.