MISTER FUCKHEAD: “And Company” c93 (no label)

Holy shit, are you kidding me? 93 minutes??? I can’t lie, call me unfair, call me a bad reviewer, call me whatever you like, but I had to fast forward through at least some of this, there was no way I’d be able to sample the whole thing otherwise. Mister Fuckhead is the guise of Arvo Zylo, inhabitant of Chicago and, at least here, organizer of wingnuts. Assumedly recorded at a number of live performances (insert is incredibly difficult to read), Zylo collected his friends together to squawk and squeal on a vast number of untraditional instruments ranging from tape loops and trigger pads to scrap metal and appliances. There’s also a good deal of brass, and some slick backing drums keeping it all together, and it actually makes a pretty exciting sound, big group just going bananas. I can imagine it being a really great live show, or even if these recordings were spread out over a couple of different releases to make the whole thing more palatable, because they really do have quite a bit of merit to them, but this kind of length is pretty difficult to slog through no matter who’s making the music. Pretty sure this is sold out, but there are a bunch of samples and new items on his bloggy-blog.