HANGING COFFINS - "self titled" cassette C40 (Night People)

As with most other NP releases,this cassettes was heavy on the eye and ear candy indeed.I'd heard a bit of kind words about these cats from a few friends in CA,and they were absolutely right.This tape rules.If dark and gloomy post-punk/downer pop is your thing,you will be flipping this one over and over.Murky guitar jabs and distant noodling paired with the icy organs and synth jaunts are reminiscent of The Animals lesser known explorations,and Chrome's clever eerie-but-accessible vibes,which won me over immediately.As things keep moving along,the Coffins take a dip into more distorted and treated vocal territories,and more of a raw approach with the rhythm section.A definite Six Finger Satellite influence is there,only they trade the overflow of dementia for a touch of melody.Some of the jams do get strange and wander off into nothingness for awhile,but for the most part this album is a cohesive,dark,and interesting listen.Look for 2 new releases from these guys,soon.
Most likely out of print by now,but DNT or Fusetron may still carry it.I would try the label first.Worth searching high and low.