PALM YARD: “Craft Night” c37 (1019 records)

Gotta admit, I’m still not entriely sure what these new genre terms such as “chillwave” and “shitgaze” mean exactly, but this band really wants you to know that they make music of the latter and that they are from Santa Cruz and they love it. Hats off to that kind of hard reppin’, for sure, but what I assume they mean is they play new-style punk music and they record it as super lo-fi as possible, because that sure as heck is what it is. Fans of Psychedelic Horseshit and early Wavves (“early”, jeez, that sounds stupid, that guy is like 12 years old) should take note of this trio; although these 11 songs are far less aggressive than those examples, this has a slight 80s midwest, post-punk sound bubbling under the surface of all that tape hiss. With titles like “Eat the Rich” and “Purple Haze”, you know these guys are California dreamin’, surf style without really having a surf sound. Or is there a new surf sound? Whatever, grab your board anyways, tide is high. Edition of 100, xeroxed inserts and gold spraypainted tapes.