Coppertone - "Best of the first six months" c23 (Night People)

Sasha Weisman is the brains behind Coppertone.She's spent some time in the downer death-pop act Russian Tsarlag, and has recently left her hometown of Providence, RI., to relocate to sunny Los Angeles, CA.Her work under the Coppertone moniker is tuff to tag with any particular genre, and this tape is more of an audible collage of sorts, rather than a proper album.The songs are well written dirges and swells, relying on heavy synths that seem to gyrate in place, then build and break around her subtle-yet-scathing vocal hymns.Hints of dreamy folk harmonies and cold wave synth-arpeggios crash into each other at times, to create something wholly psychedelic and familiar, yet it's still a fresh and inventive listen, that reminds me of Emeralds or PC Worship somewhat.

"Best.." also has it's fair share of wandering drones and colorful washes of distant guitar tones.At times they are barely audible, and leave plenty of room for her dazzling voice to flourish.Most everything is right where it should be, but can fall completely out of place at the same time.This album is also extremely layered, and some things will go unnoticed until your third listen or so.A charm not found in most other things similar to this.Uniquely familiar, and that is definitely a compliment.Give us more.