YORK FACTORY COMPLAINT "Will & Testament" c60 (Robert & Leopold)

Two sides of dense, shrill, mind entombing noise orchestration. This tape, which comes in a nicely designed (simple) j card, presents two sides "will" and "testament" from which they cleverly draw the title.

The first side, "will" is the more 'active' of the sides, with intense mechanical burrowing and swirling metallics forcing their way to the front. Parts were reminiscent of some of my favorite MACRONYMPHA recordings, where it sounds like a street fight with only sheet metal as weapons. Aggressive, dangerous and somewhat restless.

The second side, "testament" had a much slower feel, at least for the first half, suggesting an emptiness or abandon that worked well after the frenetic first side. The space doesn't last for too long, being filled slowly with looping sounds becoming more and more dense and unmovable while not succumbing to the too frequent impulse of creating a blown out wall of noise. They do a good job of letting all the pieces make something larger and grosser than what we've all heard too many times in a blown out over distorted mess.

check their tumblr page for more sound clips and info: