DAN GREENWOOD "GUTS:RENDER" (Greenwood Electronics)

guts:render is a triple cassette audio collage. composed by
Dan Greenwood of diagram a. using material that he collected from Chris Cooper of fat worm of error, Patrick O'neil of skin crime, and Dominick Fernow of prurient, Dan concocts a seamless soup of raw sounds. for good measure he adds material from eight years of home audio experiments of his own. you can't tell what is what with this recording. even if you are a seasoned veteran of the sounds that some of these people have produced. Dan does an adequate job, muffling and chopping the sources at his disposal. that being said, the cherry on top of this release is the addition of some old raw sounds provided by his former accomplice, John Brown. together as proof of the shooting, John and Dan carved a little corner of their own out of the late 1990's harsh noise scene. this release seems to put in motion an epilogue of sorts to the legacy of their body of work together. as vastly underrated and unknown as they were.
i don't see any reason to explain to you here the impact that the work of Chris Cooper, Patrick O'neil, or Dominick Fernow has had on the sub culture of noise and sound art. Dan chooses to include his friends (and influences) here to broaden the spectrum of your listening pleasure. Alicia Renadette does a great job on the art work for this too. a smoky spray paint color collage to trip on while you listen to all three tapes at once.
if you savor the sweet sound of harsh cut up home brew lo-fi audio sweat. then i suggest you get in touch with Dan at : http://greenwoodelectronic.blogspot.com