Blsphm/Gezoleen/Hadals/Knoll - split - (Tapes of a Neon God)

The four way split from Blsphm/Gezoleen/Hadals/Knoll put out by Tapes of a Neon God is n-o-i-s-e. Pure and simple - short and sweet...though the compositions are not so easy to define or pigeonhole, this cassette is squarely aimed at a specific kind of listener. What's wrong with that? Nothing!

Blistering white noise - aggressively non-tonal music here friends...Not much left to say except if you're like me and find the twisted hiss of searing volume enjoyable - you WILL dig this four-way freakout fuckfest...because even when the sheets of sound calm down to mere static, like on Hadals' cut "Flippertronics," you will still be enveloped in churning noise...just at a lower volume...tinnitus for all!

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