Two Splits from SicSic Tapes

Flamingo Creatures represent the kind of high-minded "experimental" sound of composition I've always loved and found difficult to fully embrace. A patchwork of bells/percussion, violins, distant blustery horns, and other daubs of weirdness, FC (the duo of Ruth-Marie Adam and Ronnie Oliveras) have recorded a side of tape worth exploring. The familiar "avant-gardness" of it all is a little tired, but I think if one wants music that evokes an ensemble falling down the stairs, then this is the tape for you. Limpe Fuchs' side of the split is live voice and percussion...freaky. This is the kinda stuff I admire, but rarely listen to more than once.

The second of the split album I received from SicSic Tapes is spacey voidness musickkkkkkkk. Mise_en_scene's half is drone/electronic skitch, like falling in a dream...never waking. Gerendas vs. Voigt is much more my speed. The two composers (Thomas and Daniel respectively) manipulated and mangled each other's sound files to create this dialog of smeared noise. It works for me. How about you?

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