UFO Factory is a kraut / kosmiche / psych inspired label and art gallery out of New Detroit, MI.  The flagship title is "I'm in Love with the Light," a double vinyl by space rockers Infinity People that sounds similar to Gong during the "Floating Anarchy" period, among other influences.  Solid stuff and well recorded.  The 2 LP set is a co-release with Burger, Cass, X!, Italy and Life Like records and has a nice inner gatefold.  Check out a track to see if it's up your alley:

The label also has four cassettes out, one of which is purported to be recorded in 1983, but seems like in-house project.  Everything's got a nice design and feel to it.  Reach for them if you're a fan of German progressive music from the 1970s.  There's also a cassette release by Princess Dragon-Mom, a Michigan noise act that is about to celebrate it's 20th year as a semi-entity.

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