The Rainbow Body - "Return Unto Void" (self-released)

The Rainbow Body's second album of the year is celestial stargaze...all guitar FX looped and reverbed out...way, way out. The guitar drone sculpting of Matt Katman is perfectly executed on his tape of void wandering music. Eight compositions, each titled "Void" (then numbered 1-8), imply floating through the endless darkness, but never cause the listener fright. This is positive music. PMA! As lush as Kattman's guitar chords are, he never gets lost in his own waves. Drones give way to high & low tides of sound and occasional melodies appear deep beyond the outer realms of the cosmos - begging the guitar player to grab hold and ride. Music for space cadets...blast off...2001 is our past, time to go where no man has gone before.

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