BANG! BROS. "Hard Rocks Vol.3: Psissywuss"
C31 Ydlmier

This is a great new tape by this recently formed group.  Bang! Bros. is the duo of Foam from the long running performance band Peace, Loving and Mark from the messy glitter noise crew Hunnie Bunnies. Together they play old drum machines manually (no preset beats) and use some mixers and pedals too.  It's a totally cacophonous mess and I love it.  Saying that these two boys together make up one Rashied Ali is by no means an insult. Will they find their John Coltrane or will they remain a percussion ensemble for all time??? Doesn't really matter...

Ydlmier also has new tapes out by Cruudeuces, Funny Money, Little Emperor and Friendship Ceremonies.  As always, all the releases are limited to less than 50 copies and will go quick.

These guys have an insane release schedule, with 14 tapes recorded and planned for a variety of labels. They're also planning on breaking the world record for most cities played in one day this coming December. More info on all that below:

BANG! BROS." is planning on breaking the world record for playing 12! cities in under 24hrs!!! (record previously held by flaming lips (8) and prev prev by jay Z (7)). we are doing this on 12/12/12. starting at 6am.

DECEMBER 12th 2012
06am Quincy, MA @ The Beach
08am Boston, MA @ Whitehaus
10am Cambridge, MA @ City Hall Lawn
12pm Somerville, MA @ Starlab
02pm Medford, MA @ Steve Norton's House
04pm Salem, MA @ TBA
06pm Newburyport, MA @ The Mansion
08pm Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery
10pm Worcester, MA @ Firehouse
12am Pawtucket, RI @ ???
02am Providence @ PR Matrix Hex
04am New Bedford, MA @ TBA
and an encore . . .
06am Barnstable, MA @ The Beach


Hard Rocks 01: Hard Rocks Vol. 1 (out soon on 'anonymous dog')
Hard Rocks 02: BANG! of America (out soon on 'moss archive')
Hard Rocks 03: Psissywuss (out soon on 'YDLMIER')
Hard Rocks 04: Still Hard! (out soon on 'space idea tapes')
Hard Rocks 05: Live From youtube (out soon on 'hymns/canada goose tapes')
Hard Rocks 06: VOLUME sex (out soon on 'tusco embassy')
Hard Rocks 07: Live at Raw Meet 7 (Nov Tour CD-R, out soon on 'Spring Beauties')
Hard Rocks 08: Volume SL8 (out soon on 'Teen River Tapes')
Hard Rocks 09: Ab Scrapped Concrète (out soon on 'Faux-Pas')
Hard Rocks 10: Future Tense (out soon on 'Hidden Temple Tapes')
Hard Rocks 11: Produced by Pebbles (out soon on MAANG Disc)
Hard Rocks 12: Bangaroo! (out soon on 'Lungbasket Recordings')
Hard Rocks 13: 3rd Degree Birthday (needs a home!)
Hard Rocks 14: E-13, The Controller (out soon 'Cellar Hits')