CONTAINER "LP" (Spectrum Spools)

The new Container full length is out now on Spectrum Spools.  This record as well as recent live sets have gotten me pumped again for the up-to-date sounds of Ren Schofield.  I first met Ren when he was doing much harsher sound stuff under the name God Willing.  The Form A Log trio took his stuff in a more danceable direction, but it's with Container where he really let's his inner club kid shine.  Along with Profligate (formerly Night Burger), newer Lazy Magnet and only a slim handful of others, Container is just about the only artist working in a field that I would unknowledgeably call "Techno" that I can actually get down with. Get down we must...

Order direct from the label if you're in Europe, but US fans might want to order from Forced Exposure.

Is "unknowledgeably" a word?