I.M.A. Pelican here.

Hi, I.M.A. Pelican here. This is my debut Cassette Gods review. One Kind Favor sent a bunch of interesting tapes my way and I'm going to give you my thoughts on them over the course of the next few weeks. Thanks for having me on your great site.  Unfortunately the this first tape was so bad, I would feel poorly to reveal the name of the band.  Rest assured, these words correspond to one of the tapes you sent me Nick, thanks a lot.

It's unlistenable! Starts off as a reasonably well-crafted (but boring) pop-punk song.  After a minute or so, another song is layered over the top of the first one.  This creates an entirely unlistenable shitty headache recording.  After 10 minutes had to turn it off.

"Experiment Fail!"