"Untitled" (Feathered Coyote Records)

These two side length psych-drone jams from Manchester New Hampshire’s Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura hit the spot but don’t do too much more. The sound is an absolute trainwreck: three guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, but it’s completely suitable for some fun practice room jams like these. The lead guitarist pulls these snake-charmer licks that are totally hypnotic and the vocals sound like they’re being transmitted to the 4 track from the bottom of a pond. I can’t really tell what the other two guitars are doing in this recording, besides making reverbed phaser sounds in the background, and I honestly probably wouldn’t have known they were there if I hadn’t read the J card. Desmadrados don’t pull many fancy tricks, but they definitely have a way of getting your head nodding. The A side, Leese Geese, is definitely the better of the two tracks. Mesmerizing guitar leads and a pounding bass riff build up to a sweet raw power finale. I like the mostly clean guitar licks, there’s some tasteful phaser but he doesn’t seem to employ too many alien-abduction effects. Serves to relax the thought-lobe while the pounding rhythm section crushes the consciousness. The formula is pretty consist on the B side, “Beneath the Eck Plane,” a ton of reverb, pounding low end, and persistence. Instead of building up to a rush they start out in the thick of it and keep it going for the whole length of the side. After ten minutes it gets a little old, and if you stick it out the song just cuts off right to silence at the end of the tape which is kind of a drag after so much build up. I can’t lie to you and tell you this is the best psychedelic tape of the century, or that this type of thing hasn’t been done before, but it’s certainly adequate listening, and I expect to put it in my tape deck someday when I want to tune out and enter another zone.

--Timothy Johnson