Another aesthetic benchmark from insular Brattleboro, VT, OSR Tapes' Garbus/Bissette release is a short statement rich and ripe with musical ideas.  

Ruth's side offers heavy songwriting within the parameters two songs. "And You Be" wisps through the trees, drawing long breaths over lush chords. 
"I Won't Quit" is a subtle masterpiece, a firm determination of being, a trip to unexpected sonic terrain lush with harmonic depth.
Her side ends with a collaborative(?) sound collage, a transmission from a friendly poltergeist winding up birds and spooky toys.

Danny Bissette (Wampum Physics, Ice Cream) further illustrates artistry in subtlety.  A work in primarily acoustic strings, Danny's side is both playful and simplistic; a moving lens blurred and lucid.  In "Flower Pot" intermittent string buzz tolls like an opening bell:
"I don't wanna chase the ice cream trucks without you" 

voices wrestle right off key, close mic'd and detuned.

a proper gem

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- -Matt Robidoux