"Conspirator" b/w "The Cut"
(Earthbound Records)

 On their new 7’’ release, Kentucky rock duo White Reaper deliver a solid offering of two fuzzed out garage jams. White Reaper fit in seamlessly with many of the other garage bands of our era with their poppy, minimal approach and ample amounts of reverb worship. The first track “Conspirator” is a ripper of a track rife with paranoid lyrics and driving riffs. The drums kill it and the chorus is catchy and memorable. White Reaper’s two person approach definitely works in their favor as they create tons of noise and power without getting too cluttered and messy. My one gripe might be that approaching the four minute mark it seems a touch long for a garage punk track.  The B side “The Cut” didn’t grab me as quickly but on repeated listening is a pretty rad tune in it’s own right. While it doesn’t have quite the kick of Conspirator it’s well worth a listen and rounds out the record nicely. This 7’’ is a solid addition to any collection for fans of bands like Ty Segall, Diarrhea Planet or other bands in that same vein. Grab a copy and dig!

-- Steve Cameron