"King of Doobs"

A supremely boring “Rock Opera” in an edition of 50. With such an awesome band name and an album title like “King of the Doobs,” I had pretty high hopes. Unfortunately each side (respectively: side “jeff” and side “alex”) really doesn’t do much but pay testament to some of the most boring of the suburban rock tropes. Very little of this tape stands out from the hordes of other vanilla rock bands in the world, there’s just not much interesting going on. Singer has a nasally, kind of whiny voice, the guitar rocks, etc. I don’t want to be a totally mean person though- there are some pretty decent songs on here. It’s just that the songs I genuinely enjoy are separated by some pretty boring ballads. “Fuck Your Friends” is a pretty good rager that definitely makes me want to romp a little bit, and the bass tone on this track is killer. “Let’s Go Out Rockin” isn’t a masterpiece but the rhythm is infectious and I dig the cheesy lyrics. “Pink Lemonade” is a perfect summertime jam about catching bugs and being in nature, but it’s October now so the summer fun time theme kind of missed the mark for me. Maybe if it was called “Tamiflu and Cough Syrup” it’d fit my mood a little better, but I guess that would probably take away from the lyrical weight or something.

--Timonthy Johnson