"A History of Arson" C36
(Out of Body Records)

Good gravy and jumping jack rabbits, this is a phenomenal cassette. The cassette case had a strike anywhere match inside. For a split second I thought I potentially might have a Ted Kacznski Unibomber situation on my hands. The cassette's graphics resemble something that might be in one of Fox Mulder's filing cabinets. Fortunately, the cassette didn't explode when I put it in my walkman. Instead, it played a collection of incredible synthesizer and keyboard arrangements that equally play in the genres of smooth dance and dissonance drone.

Matthew Akers is a "Moog maestro"; his analog and digital synthesizers are at his masterly command. They pulse, drain, fade, increase, repeat melodies with mathematical perniciousness, flutter up and down through frequency envelope patterns, they hypnotize, they minimize with melodies over chords. you can't un-hear his jams like when you can't stop re-living that grief stricken day in your life.

The whole spectrum of what may be on just about the coolest Italian horror movie soundtrack is this cassette; the murder scene when the killer is right behind the protagonist is represented of course, but also the romance scene, the environmental pan over shot with a camera on a helicopter, the car chase action sequence, the blood on the dance floor scene, the work-out montage, the drone that accompanies when the villain reveals a plot twist through an over dramatic monologue, the walk out of the movie theater end credits. Imagine if Ray Lynch or Tangerine Dream collaborated with John Carpenter and produced the score for the Nightmare On Elm Street series.

Six jams, buy it here ---->

Amazing stuff from a Denton TX record label. throw 'um 4 clams (and tip these guys a 10) for the full analog experience and get the edition of 100 cassette, it's worth every penny.

--Jack Turnbull