MWCHINS "Pasta Straw"
(Friendship Tapes)

heya, heres a guppie of a tape that goes down crocked!!! mwchins is one man and a few sounds. pasta straw consists of 3 tracks. i think. i guess. its a brief cassette of grambling and garbling and honing...honing all of itself way up into your psyckee. recorded onto cell phones in a few random cities, the tracks are named "repetitions" 1-3. you do indeed get repetitions, yet they do not seemed synched - thus delivering a bit of a dizzy effect unto your whole person. the sounds of a field sobriety test being failed. the insides of an old wooden pail. crumpled up debris on a dogs taint. mwchin rubble is surprisingly great! seek and find via : friendship tapes. (