Split Cassette

This is a drone noise split cassette that explores black metal themes like creepy Vampire movie sound clips, drop D bass feedback, banshee moans, hypnotizing mutilated tape hiss, classical creepy organ and sonic killer bee swarm emulation.

Dread, anxiety and the absence of harmony are the common ideas presented. Zoned out synth chords infinitely spiral downwards. Twilight descends, hope dissolves within oneself as the sun burns out while simultaneously imploding.

Medieval torture, devil worship, basilica filling organ chords reverberate through count asshole's sinister castle of psychedelic hallucinations. Dissonance reigns supreme. Tides of distortion litter the tremble with evolving, disturbing crescendos.

The mixes here are swampy, but the slow developing compositions surprise with skeleton-siren screams and Sunn amplifier electric guitar zen mushroom trips. At times it can feel a little heavy handed, but it is also a genuine, audacious release. The cassette covers a lot of territory considering it basically never switches chords and ignores rhythm, melody and lyrics. Outer Gods are a little more upfront with their menacing intentions while Unit Charge is more abstract. At times the recorded microphone fuzzing can be like frantic jazz; improvisational spirit is audible behind a cloud of man-bats absorbing the sky.

Roughly forty minutes in length, this is a quality release to reject the contemporary world to. Celebrate your isolation, piss off your roommates, blast some Outer Gods and Unit Charge.

Listen Here: https://outergods.bandcamp.com/album/outer-gods-unit-charge-split
Record Label: http://persistentmidnight.tumblr.com/

--Jack Turnbull