Tea Factory/Klangberg Split CS (3BS)

 Killer split cassette from two Sydney based sound artists, on the excellent 3BS label (you might recall the fantastic EMC tape from them, not long ago.) 

  Tea Factory owns side A with a massive track loaded with heady zoning and a heaving drone collage. Mysterious and haunting sounds pile atop one another, machine hums and creaking echoes rattle about to no end, as a dense pounding rolls on just below them. A percussive jaunt emerges. This all unravels with ease, and the intensity grows with each metallic swell. No turning back at this point, but why would I? I I like where this is headed.

  Side B belongs to Klangberg, who offers up a run of slithering bass dirge that could cripple some cheap subs. As things slowly open up and begin to make headway, this is reminding me of recent Vainio works, and I'm all over it. Synths squelch and tumble, but never comes a dull moment. Now the skittering begins, eventually brash the tones align to form a thick sustained chord, and a seriously charred melody rises up to take us out. Jump to Klangberg's beautifully howling, tonal caress of Simkop's "Algi", and the head bites the tail. Massively recommended!

Get one from 3BS here. http://3bsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/klangberg-tea-factory