This is a PYMPIN tape! I had never heard of these two artists before but DAMN, they both cool! It seems like they're both from the Lebanon NH/ White River Junction VT area and the vybes of that area definitely flow thru the recordings on this tape!

The first side, "Butter on the Trestle", is The Caring Babies, which is a homeboy who rocks strange/cool/catchy psychedelic pop songs along side OG tape collage and other stuff too! I really dig it! He's definitely got that Vermont pop feel to his muzak, but his shit is different too, and he performs live with a psychedelic gangsta named Redgei, who I'm not sure plays but chills on stage!

The other side is really cool! "The Lost Adventures of the Space Patrol" by Pliable Tones is incredible sci fi-ed out instrumental trippy pube poppin jams; very tasteful, beautiful, scary, and interesting! Holy synths, spiritual sound collage and all kinds of good and funky vybes! There's also some real freaky tracks toward the end that have live vocals! Really good muzak to blaze that cheese to!

Both sides of this gangsta shit be good for any occasion! Great background music and also really good solo-introspective (mental pud-pulling) listening too! HIGHLY HURRICANE RECOMMENDED!

You can stream these jams at and !

And check out the labels website at


--Frank Hurricane