"You Are The Greatest"

Mr. Rogers got laid off from his day job because in the alternative universe where this cassette was created, Mitt Romney DID win the 2012 election and cut PBS budget. Also, Mr. Rogers is alive in this alternative reality. He is 86, but he doesn't sound like an old man due to his impeccable good health from years of eating his greens and avoiding stress by being extremely present and calm.

With his spare time, he listens to some Jonathan Richman, Townes Van Zandt, the Byrds and a little new wave, smokes a bowl, and decides to start a music project. He's bursting with energy because of the new door he's opened for himself creatively. He's wise and has a lot to say. He has the musical range to give each song's tone an appropriate acciomant to the lyric's subject matter.

This is a strong singer/songwriter release. Sometimes the lyrics get a little cooky, predictable and/or lazy like "I was sitting all alone/ I decided to call you on the phone/ the voice said leave a message at the tone/ and I'm wondering if you were really home". But then the song's variety of melody and its orchestral arrangements save its borderline corny lyrics; mr. rogers gets saved from the accompanying land of make believe.

I'd be a little hesitant to check this guy out in an acoustic setting, but the guy can arrange very well and make dynamic, technical songs that don't sound contrived. It's a quality release, put it in yo deck, son!


David B. Greenberg
PO BOX 1921
Newark, NJ 07101

-- Jack Turnbull