Severed+Said - "Crying In Dreams" (Popnihil)

  Another winner from Popnihil. Ultra-cinematic horror noir from the dark, dank corners of Florida. 
 Severed+Said has created a great set of Carpenter-esque creepers, respectively. A ghastly score for a film that doesn't actually exist, but for in the mind of the listener. Initially this reminded me of that amazing intro to The Fog, which is one my favorite film scores ever. Monstrous bass swells slither in and out of drifting analog synths, like a thick black liquid dripping through cracks in the floor. The arrangements are right and right, and all of the sound are mapped out to perfection.

  Side B bites straight out of the gate, with a heaving, wobbly bass, cyclic snares and hats, bringing a classic acid vibe into the mix and now things are picking up. Phased out synths take the lead and a haunting presence is near, and there's a deep sinking feeling that just I can't get enough of.

  S+S shifts moods often, he doesn't make a habit of lurking around any particular zone for too long, and the entire album flows smoothly in one direction. This kind of stuff often loses my attention pretty quick, but Crying In Dreams held it's own from front to back. If the Italo-horror scores are your bag, you'll want to pick this up for certain. Pro dubbed. Purple shell. 
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