BANG! BROS. "Whatever" (???)

It's not soothing, precisely.

But I wouldn't call it 'harsh noise' like people say. It's like, in this incredible density of drum-like plip boff bangs it wanders around between this contradictory manic/reflective space and yes, the sensations of being attacked from inside the body by countless infinitesimal intelligences. The cellscape of the body comes into a new and personal life as a living land of utterly chaotic hyperactivity. And just when you think you've had enough of protein synthesis, the filthy form of the human reappears, squealing manically at you from a muck-universe.

I love writing about this tape almost as much as YOU'LL love listening to it. Some people say things like noise music isn't politically transgressive or subversive anymore. How could anyone be fooled into caring about that? This tape is da bomb, it puts me deeper in my crazy body and it puts my body deeper in this crazy fool of a world. And thats da shiiiit.

- - Devin Brown