COUNTRY FLORIST "CF-1" (Drawing Room Records)

Andrew T. Morgan’s snapshots of private recordings flow well, like soothing blue on a barber’s pole. We find the snapshots in a shoebox under his bed. We feel voyeuristic as we sort through them, looking over our shoulders to make sure their creator doesn’t return and reprimand us for “snooping about.” We aren’t too worried though; after all, he’s invited us to tune in, and we are grateful for the glimpses.

The pictures, although light-hearted, sometimes summery in a Westerbergian way, are gunged with fuzz and Tascam hiss. While cruising mellow lanes, their chords salute epic outros of britpop proportion. Some of these tracks apparently date back a couple of decades, yet no change in temperament is detected: the mood is sustained on CF-1. One is a lonely number, and the title suggests that Morgan might have some more photos lying around, more moods to sustain, more guitar to gunge.

-- Rick Weaver