VAMPIRES "Every Kind of Light" (self-released)

Somebody I know really liked a band called Glassjaw. Is this what that band sounded like? I dunno! I can go no further than to suspect so. This band reminds me that I grew up in a very understimulated suburban town, and how depressing that can be.

These guys are from Canada!

A heavy dose of angsty dramatic riffage, a heavy dose of angsty wailing, working to coax a cathartic experience out of being kinda depressive and disillusioned with the kids you hang out with. Doing so with skill and understanding of the forms of their aesthetic.

They throw some tiny goofy fun goth vibes in there which I would love to hear some more of, but it sounds a lot more like they want to stick to that emo-post-punk form than they want to let the goofy fun vampire goth boys out to run around.

If you're down with that dark-emo-riff-rock and with the mid 20-oughts and with autumn and you would perhaps describe yourself as tormented, this is probably for y'all. A presumptuous arrogant bastard like myself however, I just have a hard time sincerely getting down with that whole thing. But you know, hey, do what you like!

- - Devin Brown