TREE BLOOD "Second" (self-released)

Sittin here just ate a banana, listening to Tree Blood, feelin fine.

Tree Blood sloshes some ham & cheese hardcore vocals into this slushypit of guitars that wander between all these pretty straight shoegazey sounds and squealey feedback jingle jangles, adding up to a pretty cozy lil pile! It's not likely to blow your mind, but if like me you can get down with hardcore dudes yellin who knows what kinds of stuff at you and jammin fun on powerchords, invite em over and shove your friends around.

My girlfriend says it sounds like a drunk punk crashing a birthday party and puking on the floor for fun. Ya know, I guess it does!

On the B side, they let some guy guest sing on "Shame," and for me he throws the mood all off-balance, making the whole thing sound like what I imagine screamo songs sound like. With that being one out of the three songs on the tape it's kinda a big lump to swallow, and leaves me feeling a lil sour about the whole deal.

It's not a cassette that makes me feel sad, but it's not a cassette that makes me feel like a wild crocodile. Gimme a banana and I suppose I could have fun at a Tree Blood show if this is what it'd be like. Who doesn't love a banana? I think punk rock guitars is still A-OK, but I am achin' for something new.

- - Devin Brown