DAS DING "Sequencer" (DHF)

This tape features 4 new tracks from Danny Bosten, who resuscitated his Das Ding alias a few years ago after over 25 years of inactivity. It's a relatively short EP but I keep flipping it over, it's just that good. These appropriately titled "Sequences" are simple but hypnotic explorations of modular synth & drum machine patterns, with plenty of dubbed-out ambience to set the mood... and what a nice mood it is! Right on the border between "chilly" and "chilled-out", with the best moments echoing Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works. It's is not a far stretch from his more minimal electro-wave tunes but the stripped-down/technoid sound could make this appeal to a wider audience. Limited to 50 copies, don't miss out!


-- Will Mayo