FISHERS “Under The Sheepherder Bridge” (Crash Symbols)

After seeing YVETTE live in concert, the last thing I’d expect from their drummer Dale Eisinger is what I heard on “Under The Sheepherder Bridge”. When I learned that the weird, acoustic music on the cassette was made by the same guy I saw bashing the drum set last September I was surprised.  Eisinger’s work under the moniker Fishers is a departure from the gritty industrial/noise rock he plays with YVETTE and ventures into lighter variations of those genres, then combines them with elements of acoustic and folk. The original songs, with titles including “Email From Mom” and “Jim Morrison Was A Cactus Full of Bees”, showcase Eisinger’s sonic creativity. He dabbles in a lot of sounds and organizes his compositions in a way that makes it work. The tape also includes covers of songs by The Appleseed Cast and Kurt Vile; although Eisinger certainly puts his own twist on both tracks to make them fit. Listeners are guaranteed not to be bored for the duration of the tape.

-- Roy Blumenfeld