RADIANT HUSK “Deflation Basin” (Bezoar Formations)

This tape (which in the very beginning sounds like what could be a laser-tag commercial as done by David Lynch) really most of the time feels like it is electronic soundtracks and sound effects from old movies. Listening to this throughout I envision: a scene from an old-school sci-fi western – it’s dusk & some weird shit is going on. Or space travelers just getting out of their spaceship & walking around a strange new alien Planet. Or the trip-out scene in an old drug-scare shockumentary. Or probably any old episode of the Twilight Zone.

Mellow Atari-wizard bursts double with field recordings from alien lands (the occasional bird-chirps in one track really fill out the ambience).

This is solid. Play it in the background or zone-out at max volume.

Side 2 is a little more dynamic, btw, starting out less mellow & more weirdo gloop-loop with some squishy crunchers , and ends on an ambient chill voyage.

--Garrison Heck