THX113 C38 (Sanity Muffin)

It would appear that this originally came out as a tape back in 1980. I don’t know the back story. Perhaps there is a WikiLeaks about it or someone Yelped about it at some point?

This tape consists of tape-loops & manipulated tapes that sound like they are damaged by dampness & mold, often accompanied by a guitar – usually repetitive and sometimes drowning in its own storm-drain static fizzle. Also making more than one appearance: short-delay ping pong ticking/tocking + warped UFO nightmare space-invaders alien zap.

If you listen to this, don’t be like me; listen on headphones. And watch a waterlogged Pink Floyd VHS if you have one laying around.

RIYL: “underground” music (like, from the sewers), murky thumps, Mad science after hours, gutter synth, sci-fi murder mysteries.

There’s always something slithering underneath: someone who thinks they’re a mummy, mumble-singing along, or someone playing along on a guitar down the hall and behind a closed door, or whatever else. Overall, this is a slow-driving-in-the-whip, purple-‘tussin mellow molasses face melt. You can probably get it over at E-Harmony if you make a mad dash.

-- Garrison Heck