“Acheron” (Extreme Ultimate)

Prisms collide with Klaus Schultze on this pixelated tape from London’s Andrew Nixon, and a VHS aurora borealis concentrates, penetrates, and dissipates all listeners at a molecular level. I’m writing this review now through thought synapses captured by my computer in the nanoseconds before I became part of the universe.

Extreme Ultimate is the name of the label. Extreme ultimate is the sensation of cosmic power one gets while listening to this tape. Before one is obliterated of course.

Nixon’s synths pulse and oscillate, drone and hover, and gaze out into vast expanse of space and time. The compositions ruminate on our place within existence, and brim with nostalgia. They venerate Science and Discovery, and see the future, which is great beyond our limited imaginations.

If I had to choose (and I don’t, they just strike me), “Habitual Arp Worship” and “The Car” are simply excellent. John Carpenter meets Vangelis, and all the other synth soundtrack masters. Superb.

--Ryan Masteller